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Our Clients

Who Are Our Valued Clients?

K2 Builders Inc. work with San Francisco Bay Area property owners, homeowners, residential developers, commercial developers, and people looking for custom contractors. From new home construction and remodels to commercial projects, from value engineering to seismic upgrades, we can help.

You Talk, We Listen, Then We Collaborate.

We take the time to talk to our clients, to focus on your needs and expectations, to explain the entire construction process, to keep you updated on daily progress, to be responsive to any questions, to communicate clearly, and to have positive interaction with your neighbors.

The result is a dedicated construction crew that works efficiently, reliably, on-time, and on-budget, using only the finest materials, the highest skilled professional personnel, and the highest quality service to meet - and to exceed - your expectations.

Contact K2 Builders for a free consultation: 415-252-1507